Triarii will be in the first year at Proptech Latam Panamá.

One of the main real estate events in Latin America, the workday of Proptech Latam will take place this year starting on March 28 at the ADEN International Business School. See you at the conference with our CEO Andrés Leal. He will present the Triarii ecosystem and talk about the future of sales in new real estate developments with artificial intelligence.


Come and discover the Triarii platform.

Many real estate companies and promoters have made decisions based on a combination of intuition and traditional and retrospective data. Nowadays, a series of new variables and analytics allow us to make better decisions, future risks, and opportunities.

Launched in 2018, Triarii is an innovative agency and platform that collaborates with the growth and profitability of real estate developers, allowing you to manage your sales and marketing activities. As a collaboration platform for new construction real estate, Triarii integrates all marketing tools and technologies to drive the sales cycle: strategy + account management, immersive 3D marketing tools, data-driven marketing to convert sales.

2019, the year of customization in the real estate sector.

Personalization has become the norm. Whether you want to buy a pair of shoes or a car, through a kitchen, all brands now offer customization, using data tracking tools directly accessible from a website. This is how Triarii created a 360 strategy between 3D visual experience, data-driven marketing, and artificial intelligence to identify buyers.

In our conversations with developers and investors, we often hear the frustration of the disconnect between the availability of data and the difficulty of using it to obtain fast and practical information. In the digital transformation, all the data tell a story and that’s why we introduce in the market a 3D data tracking in the virtual tours which allows us to learn about the behavior clients and preferences, for example when you rate a movie on Netflix, the algorithm predicts the next recommendations. In the same way, we can use these insights with our CRM to qualified leads.

Impact of a data-driven approach

A successful data-driven approach can yield powerful insights. So, We’ve got data.  What are we doing with it? Analytics can provide you actionable insights. Our data team is armed with more than 10 years of combined experience in making data usable, providing insights on customer behavior, business operations, and more.  With a data-driven understanding of trends and behavior in the past, business and marketing strategies can be optimized for the future. 

‘’The goal is to work with innovative architects, and developers, on landmark projects. Each one is unique, and to each, we bring passion and expertise with our multidisciplinary creative teams skilled in 3D visualization, growth hacking and business intelligence, as well as branding and interactive,’’ says Andrés Leal, CEO and founder of Triarii.

Proptech Latam Panamá is an opportunity to talk about the challenges of the future with the players, startups and investors. 

Tickets are available here.


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